About Us

Introduction Of The Company

Omega Fish Meal and Oil Private Limited was incorporated in 2011. Since its inception the company has been focusing to produce best quality of fish products which in includes Fishmeal, Fish Oil, Fish Silage and Fish Soluble. Our core competency is based on indulging best and innovative technology available with skilled manpower. In the span of four years we have successfully made us visible in our market and positioned our self as progressive and successful company. Our success relies in the satisfaction of our customers, employees and creation of sustainable environment for all.

Our Vision

To satisfy our customer needs with the best quality products at the lowest possible price, with minimum risk to our natural resources.

Our Mission

Optimal utilization of best available technology with skilled manpower.

Our Values

Helpful + Optimistic + Nurturance + Environment sustainability + Success + Trust + Yield = HONESTY

Quality Policy

Quality is a never-ending system that allows us to touch new horizons with each passing milestone. Our constant efforts towards improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management Systems make our Fish meal and Fish oil worth emulating. Right from raw material selection to the processing stage to the final product, constant quality checks are carried out. We have a dedicated team with high levels of perseverance and commitment to provide consistent improvisation to our quality procedures and systems.


Our production facility is technologically competent to extract the entire protein content and oil, thus utilizing 100% of the fish and minimizing wastage. Fish Meal and Fish Oil are produced by a continuous and carefully controlled process which involves cooking, pressing, drying and milling of fresh, raw fish. The quality of product is tested at laboratories and batches are segregated according to their specifications.